5 Commonly Missed SEO Opportunities

5 Commonly Missed SEO Opportunities

5 Commonly Missed SEO Opportunities that you should consider for Your Online Success


Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process that includes series of multiple white hat correct practices. In SEO, each step is important from Link Building to Content Optimization, everything has its own significance in contributing towards ranking of a website. Search Engines like Google rolls out updates regularly, so you have to be alert and aware about the latest changes done in the guidelines. No matter whatever right steps you are taking towards your ranking journey, single wrong step can ruin all your striving for top ranking in SERPs.

In recent years, Google has introduced several new measures to be followed for getting good traffic and high ranking in search engine result pages, such as Your website should be mobile-friendly, your webpages should be optimized according to Quick Answer Box, Local SEO is crucial for concrete online business presence, high quality content is necessary for the good health of your website, voice search is the future of SEO etc.

This is the reason why i say that every SEOs should keep a hawk’s eye on the latest updates introduced by pioneers of SEO Industry like Google or Moz. While running towards our ranking goals, we often miss different important opportunities. These missed opportunities can sometime become loopholes in our success path.

Let’s have a look at few general but missed actionable opportunities that you must consider to get higher ranking in google search result and drive maximum visitors to your website: –

1.      Lack of Structured Markup

Structured markup is code placed in HTML of website that enables the webmasters to highlight the webpage data, in order to help search engines to better understand their website. Schema.org vocabulary is used in Structured Data, it tells the search engines to show the content on the website in a correct and organised way.

According to a web survey, only 0.30% of total websites in the world uses schema markup in their website. So, this significant opportunity is still untapped. Due to lack of structured markup many a times search engines reflect a webpage’s content in a disorganized manner. When a webmaster doesn’tuse structured data in their website they miss a big Seo Potential and a chance to get better rank in comparison to their competitors.

  1. Focusing on Link Quantity Over Link Quality

This is a biggest myth in seo that if you will make so many links to your website you certainly rank in Google. This traditional tactics of heaping backlinks is still followed by so called SEOs.

At present time, the correct practice is to make less backlink but from authority and niche based website. Because Google don’t count your quantity only, it also crawls how many quality backlinks you have made for your website.

In Link Building, ‘less is sometimes more’, make less backlinks from a website that is related to your site, having good domain authority and page authority, less spam score etc. This white hat practice will surely help your website to get more targeted visitors through the link and build your authority. Maintain a balanced ratio between quality and quantity in Link Building method.

  1. An under-covered topic or A Newsworthy Event

Internet is flooded with repetitive contents which is of no use. This is one of the common seo opportunity that is missed by maximum publishers. People just write the same content time and again similar to what their competitors have written. This practice makes you number 2 always because you serve nothing new to the users and in search engine’s point of view, you don’t add any value to the fresh information required to the users.

Best way to keep your website’s content updated is to write on a topic that is under-covered or less discussed. It allows visitors to consume new information and improves your reputation in front of search engines. Also if you write on some newsworthy stories you content will start trending on social medias and you will rank quickly in Google.

  1. Not considering Low competition keyword

When people from newbie websites consider keyword for their website, they always select the keywords with High Volume. But they don’t understand that ranking on these keywords is not as easy as they think. The reason is that many big brands and giant websites are investing lots of efforts and money to rank their website on these keywords in Google. So according to me, it’s better to pick Low competition medium or low search volume keywords. First of all, it is easy to rank on these keywords, it will bring some decent traffic to your site and unquestionably improve your Click Through Rate. I think something is better than nothing.

  1. Missing Link Audit regularly

Checking backlinks coming to your site regularly is a very crucial criterion to protect your website from penalties and remain seo friendly. Most of the webmasters are busy in building links over links for their site and don’t give value to link audit, and this is only the reason why their website never ranks in google and don’t get good traffic.

A right method is to check your links on a monthly basis, may be some spammy sites would have linked to your site or it might also happen that you have got a backlink from a penalized website. Remove all those links which are doing negative seo for your site and it’s my guarantee that you will see a positive result after doing this practice.

These are some common but missed search engine optimization opportunities that you should consider in order to make website a popular and authority website on search engine.

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