Clever Tricks to Generate Huge Mobile Organic Search Traffic

Clever Tricks to Generate Huge Mobile Organic Search Traffic

According to the recent survey, almost 58% of Google searches are going through the mobile devices. So, we can see that Mobile searches are overpowering the Desktop searches with 28 billion of extra searches that take place on mobile devices. So, we need to be focused on optimizing your website for getting more mobile organic search traffic.

Here Digital Web Innovare shows you some clever hacks to generate great mobile organic search traffic:

Mobile organic traffic trick


  1. Create Responsive Design: The first and foremost thing to make good in mobile search is to create a responsive design of your website. Previously people used to create different design for mobile and separate design for desktop which is really a painful and was not go long as managing different design means managing different websites for the same target market. Thus, we need one design which can work on mobile, tablets, computer, laptops devices to keep things really simple. Here comes responsive design which will shrink and stretch easily according to the screen size of the devices and the inner content of the website will still easy to read.
  2. Adjustable with the Google AMP Framework: The Google AMP framework mainly ensures that your website is user friendly for mobile devices as while people searches on mobile devices, Google will showcases lots of results that are AMP friendly. So, make sure that you have mobile friendly design by using the AMP framework which will help you to generate more mobile traffic. With the Amp framework, the text or content of the website must be readable, lots of things like Ads and JavaScript need to be cleaned up. In some countries like Brazil, the recent survey already found almost 30% of hike in mobile traffic in the past few months by leveraging AMP framework.
  3. Faster Loading Website: Make sure that your website should load super fast. It does not matter about the speed of the internet as Google does not care whether someone has a LTE phone or 4G phone. The longer the website would take to load rather than other websites, the less you get traffic from mobile as when people will search for anything on Google through mobile device and land on any of your website page which takes too long to load, the user will automatically click the back button that will inform the Google that user is not liking your website (whatever the reason is). So, your website not only just mobile compatible but also need to be loaded super fast to create better user experience that will ultimately help you to boost your mobile organic search traffic.
  4. Small Header Images: For generating traffic from Mobile devices on your website, your website header images must need to be small as people would definitely not like to scroll down much more to read the content of the web page. Also, the content or font style should be prominent and user friendly that means it must be readable, dark in colour as well as also large enough so that visitors can read it easily which will ultimately create better user experience.
  5. Avoid Pop-Ups: Don’t create any crazy Pop-ups for your mobile devices. Any Pop-ups if taking the whole screen and people need to exit from that for which they are searching the close button; it is really irritating for them. Thus, they will go back from the website and also the website ranking will start plummeting and poor user experience would definitely increases the bounce rate and reduces the time on site which ultimately reduces overall ranking of the website.
  6. Show Everything to Google: Google has a mobile-first index, so you have to make sure that you should show everything of your website. There are so many people who have decided to show some of the content for which visitors have to click load more, load more again and again to read the whole content as it improves the loading time. But doing that is not showing all the content to the Google and your website ranking would not be as high as expected. So, it is for sure that you have to show everything of your website to Google, not only the whole content of the webpage but also allow them to crawl the HTML, CSS or whatever style sheet is there. This is the perfect way to know Google about your website architecture and your website would also rank good.
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