Google Recent Updates and Impact on Websites

Google Recent Updates and Impact on Websites

In the recent times, we have found lots of updates in Google which will have a great impact on different types of websites throughout the world. However, we must say that the website which is following every step in a clear way without doing any spam is always the winner in Google house. Google or any other search engine always gives priority to those websites which are differ from others and are taking unique and authentic step without breaking any rules of Google.

People might say that Google has changed its view towards website and the way of activities has also changed. But as per my opinion, it would be better to say that Google never ever changed its terms and conditions or algorithms, rather it modifies and updates itself in a newer way so that the right website can get the right benefit. So, here we will discuss about the latest updates on Google and how it could have any impact on websites:

Penguin Update: Recently, on September 23rd, Google has made the major release of Penguin 4.0 update after 2 long years. In April, 2012 Google had launched the Penguin Updates to catch the spamming sites from its search results, mainly those who are buying links or obtaining too much links from any unrelated sites to boost Google rankings. So, the sites, which might have been trapped by Penguin, need to remove spam links or bad links to regain rankings in Google.

But Penguin has now changed its core algorithm as previously the sites which were penalized and hit by Penguin need to wait for the next updates or next time the filter ran after removing bad links to gain the rankings back. But the long delays are now over. With this new Penguin release, Google will re- crawl and re- index those pages constantly so that changes can be visible faster than before.

Another great change on this update is that Penguin algorithm will now become more granular, ie, previously it was a site wide penalty but now, it would become page-specific, so it affects finer granularity than sites, though it does not mean that it will only affect pages. More precisely, we can say that Penguin might impact specific page of any site or it may affect a particular section of a website whereas the other pages would be safe.

Penguin is still rolling out and Google also has confirmed that from now it would become a constant process, and in future Google will not confirm about this update.
Possum Algorithm Update: It’s a new name and a local search community has been deputed to update this massive local algorithm, which took place on September 1, 2016. The main purpose of this update is to diversify the local results and prevent the spam from getting ranking as well. Many business owners think that Google My Business listings are gone but it has actually been filtered just now. After Pigeon update in 2014, we can say that this is the biggest local update. Many businesses may now see massive increase or decrease in their local ranking. With this update, Google is now bit more sophisticated as it is now not showing the same results again and again in its local listings. Some people may do the listings with different keywords or with different brand/company name, owners name and address but Google

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