Google Search Console to consolidate Search Performance Reports To Canonical URL

Google Search Console to consolidate Search Performance Reports To Canonical URL

This quite a revolutionary change and definitely a big one where hoe Google reports on your data within Google Search Console.

Google made a very important announcement on the webmaster blog that by the end of March 2019, Google will bring changes in the performance of its Google Search Console Performance reports count metrics. The change will be that in place of using the exact URL, it will change to use the canonical URL for reporting.

The change has been made to unify the data, Search console will soon begin to assign the search metrics to the (selected by Google) canonical URL rather than the URL that was initially referred to by the Google Search.

As soon as Google launches this change, it will provide you a few weeks to see both old and the new methodology thereby you will be able to differentiate between the two methodologies. Google will also formulate the change from the retrospective way that it will backdate the data starting as far as January 2018 when the changes will be incorporated.

The merits of this new methodology are as follows:

  • the ability to see the full picture about a specific piece of content in one property.
  • Your mobile or AMP page will be available as one property on one page
  • It will improve the AMP and give more mobile friendly reports by presenting more data.

When will it be applicable:

Google announced that by this march, towards the end it will be launched. Google will “prepopulate your unified data beginning from January 2018,” the APIs will change in March 2019 also.

The effects of change on your data in the Google Search Console:

  1. At the individual level, the URL will shift from any non- canonical (duplicate)URLs to the canonical URL.
  2. At the level of property, you will visualize data from your alternate property. This can be explained as your mobile site will shift from your’ canonical property’ to your alternate property traffic and this will probably not reduce to zero in Search Console as the canonicalization is at the page but not at the property level and your mobile could have some canonical pages. But for most of the data users, the property level data will shift to one single property.
  3. There will be the possibility of filtering the data by device, search appearance, country, and other dynamics without missing on any important information about the traffic.

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