How SEO can help you in the growth of your Law Firm

If you want your law firm to grow then it is essential that you find new clients. There are multiple ways to promote your law firm website online, the best and the most effective way is to be found on the search results of the search engine optimization for law firms. 

If you have been successful through SEO for the Law firm and able to bring organic traffic as well as leads on your website from the search engines, then there is no need of investing money on the advertisement where you can save.

As per researches, it has been well documented that 96% of people seeking legal advice rely on the results of the search engine and some 38% of people use the Internet to find lawyer.

What are the basic SEOs for law firms?

The SEO strategy for the lawyers is somewhat similar to the SEO strategies for other websites.  A proper SEO planning helps you to get your website on higher rank or on top of search engines for the specific keywords and key phrases as compared to the other law firms from the same area.

If you need a corporate lawyer in Delhi and use Google to help you with the result, you will find some thousands of results and thus if you are not on the first page and not within the first few lists of websites, you will be lost and the person navigating the Internet will not reach up to you. Thus only if your visibility is there online, you will get more leads who will be ultimately converted to net clients. The SEO strategy should be finding the correct keyword for your firm, then optimizing your website with those keywords and also optimizing your local SEO for better results.

The benefits of SEO as compared to traditional marketing:

For the SEO you rely on the search engines whereas with the traditional marketing you have to depend on the local newspaper ads, business cards, networking, direct mail and so many such methods to generate new leads.

 In the traditional method you cannot control the people who are seeing your ad nor can you measure the success of your ad. Also with traditional marketing, it is a continuous process and you need to invest again and again in the ads. Further the possibility that the person reading your ad may not need your help at that point and when in need may not remember you. These are aspects that come with traditional marketing and the chances that you will get lost are high. Whereas on the other hand, SEO is a dynamic form of marketing for the following reasons:

  • It helps you to reach the customer who actually requires your service, as it is customer-centric. It attracts organic and relevant traffic as they are in immediate need of your service.  
  • You need not really do a lot of up keeping work once the optimization has been done perfectly you just need to see that you are high on the search result. 

Thus Organic SEO is better in promoting your firm as compared to traditional marketing.




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