How Voice Search Will Change The Future Of SEO

How Voice Search Will Change The Future Of SEO

Voice Engine Optimization is Chartmeter’s trademarked term used for voice based search engine optimization. People use their voice search on the cellphones and a lot of voice assistants have been sold. The initial use was limited to set alarm, call someone, but then this voice search has immense use and the potential for search optimization with it is in existence.

Be it a speaker or smartphone, voice search is gaining the momentum. Thus if the brands have a voice search optimization they have a knight in shining armor and get ahead from your competitors.

How is Voice Search Optimization being used?

 With the advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning the changes in the voice search has been immense. The speech recognition technology has come a long way after it was developed. It is used as a hands free method to get the local business listings or any other information on the search engine.

 What are the uses of Voice Search ?

 You are driving and desire to find a location but then typing the address is not as easy but speaking and commanding to the gadget or smartphone is easier and gets your work done. Plus the additional benefit is that it is faster than typing. Even it works much faster and gets the answer to you very quickly. It is easy to express yourself with voice rather than writing the same search operation. Many of its uses are yet to be discovered by the people yet one thing is for sure that it is a tool that simplifies the search process and gets you the answer quickly without disturbing the work you are doing, thus it is in sync with your multitask abilities.

Another noteworthy use of voice search is that smart devices like the phones, tablets, security devices, speakers, temperature control and many surround us. Using voice search helps to centralize all the smart devices in one single hub and here the importance of voice search is that it will reduce the chaos in your life.

Voice Search Optimizing for Advancement Of Your Business

 Artificial Intelligence is developing the voice search but still it is being used for optimizing and thus helps your business grow. The biggest question is that where does Voice activated devices get information from, it is from the search engines like Google, Apple maps, Yelp and others.

Thus Voice search optimizing will further enhance your brand value and visibility on the online forum thus helps you grow. It will increase the potential traffic to your website and this will increase your leads and that will convert in sales.

How to create Voice Engine Optimization Strategy for your business?

 The steps to create your VEO strategy is simple and can be done very quickly, here are the steps:

  1. Optimize your business listings– keep your business listing or information regarding your business very clear, accurate and complete. The data regarding your business should be consistent at all search engines, and also at all the different pages of the same engine.
  2. Increase the speed of your business– your website should be light in terms of use because the users will want immediate and quick response to their search. Another issue is that if your competitor is faster than you to present the result then it will be your loss.
  3. Focus on questions– using voice search is like communicating to your another known person. Thus here the difference will come rather than putting up keywords or phrases there will be questions. Thus frame conversational long keyword including statements as then the algorithm will understand you better and present the result.
  4. Also put answers- the question answer format works best for the Voice optimization thus mark it like question and put up an answer to it. Update it regularly for better results. The questions should be interesting regarding the products or service and from the point of view of the user.
  5. Try to use the voice search – as a user this will help you understand the lacking and the changes that you need to make.

Voice search optimization is still a new concept and is under development use it for your benefit and see your business growing.


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