Moving to Google Data Studio is actually Necessary for Your Business Growth

What is Data Studio and How to use Google Data Studio

  • Gone are those days when reporting on excel spreadsheets was enough. Today in this age of big data, one thing is really significant for every company, data. In excel you get all the data, lots of data, huge data. The big problem is how to differentiate between useful data and worthless data. Always remember data is only useful if it is presented in a way that allows you to understand what actions you should take on it. Also sharing and visualizing data is really difficult with Microsoft Excel.

Here Google Data Studio comes into the picture.

  • Data Visualisation and Data Communication are so easy with Google Data Studio. It comes with the power of dynamic dashboards, smooth sharing feature, real-time updates, data connectors, etc. With Google Data Studio, You can seamlessly share dashboards with colleagues and have an individual viewpoint on it. Moreover, it is a free tool but not available in all the countries of the world.

Top Key features of Google Data Studio are :

  • Real Time Updates:– Real-time reporting is boon for big organizations having a large customer base. It is directly connected with the data source and any spontaneous change is immediately reported in the dashboard. Distinct Data sources are refreshed at different time interval ranging from 15 minutes to 12 hours. You can additionally check the report of any date range or month range.

  • Data Connectors:– As of now, Google Data Studio has almost 100 connectors to choose from. You can smoothly connect Google measurement platforms and third-party data sources. Data from Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, MySQL, BigQuery, Google Sheets, Attribution 360, etc can be pulled in to GDS. The metrics and dimensions from several platforms can be compared at a place.
  • Shareability:– The infrastructure of Google Data Studio is almost the same as that of Google Drive. The sharing feature of GDS is precisely identical as of Google Docs and Sheet. In Google Sheet, You share a different level of access (edit, view) with each coworker by typing their email address, same you are doing in Google Data Studio. You can easily track any changes done in the GDS by collaborator having edit access.

  • Interactive Dashboards:– One best part of data studio is that it allows modification in color gradients and palettes while preparing dashboard. This unique feature enables GDS to prevent its users from boredom. Many other visualisation objects like basic charts, pie charts, scatter plots and even images can be used in the dashboard. The clean and appealing dashboard looks amazing in business meetings.
  • Time Efficient:– Already build free or low-cost templates helps market experts in saving their precious time. Every time, they need not to waste time on developing a new template. The sharing option in Google Data Studio is systematic and quick, permits to interact with multiple clients in less time.


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