Panda Is Now Part of Google’s Core Algo

Panda Is Now Part of Google’s Core Algo

Panda is now part of Google’s core ranking algorithm

We all know that Panda is one of the most significant spam content fighting algorithms of Google which has been launched on February 2011. According to the post of Jennifer Slegg, Panda has now become the part of the Google core Algorithm. It is now become one of the core ranking signals of Google. Panda will adjust the ranking after taking the quality of the website into account.

What that means is that Google will never confirm us individually about the Panda update in near future, what we can get is that of a report of Google core algorithm update which is rolling or running.

Now the question is what is exactly Google core algorithm means? To explain about this, Google’s Andrey Lipattsev(Senior Strategist of Google) has shared some quality information in a video. In the video what he simply told about Google core means it is less about functionality and more about how we perceive. According to him, it may an experimental thing to Google which does not change much over time and there is no idea how it will stay.

As Panda is become the core algorithm part, so Google need not to know how it will run. It has been tested and it will run by itself without any worry.

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