How to Recover from Google Medic Update

How to Recover from Google Medic Update

Recover Your Website from Google Medic Algorithm Update

Google makes several updates in its search engine ranking algorithm on regular basis. Some of the Google updates even came and went away in such a silent way that webmasters got to know about it after several weeks. So, launching occasional minor and major updates can shake things up every now and then.

So, 2018 was also not exceptional in this scenario. Last year, on August 2018, Google rolled out a broad core algorithm update which is referred to as Medic update because initially, it was targeting a number of medical websites. This update surely caused a number of issues for lot of websites which means you need to optimize your website to ensure that your website is able to retain its search engine ranking and steady the traffic flow on the website.

So, what is Google Medic Update?

It is the core algorithm update of Google that had a skewed effect on health and medical-related websites. Some also reports including SEMrush’s Sensor have shown that the category which has been effected through Google Medic Update was YMYL websites that is “Your Money your Life” related.

First of all you have to decide whether your websites were affected by Medic. If you see that you see any large drop in your website traffic around the August 2018 and your website is based on health or medical, then there might be a good chance that your website has been hit by Medic Update. So, it is high time to recover the website. To start the recovery process you need to first analyzed the website properly and identified the keywords with landing pages that you want to improve and then only you can able to create an action plan.

The recovery process of your website from Google Medic Update:

  1. Need to Start Optimizing the Website Content as well as Backlink structure to gain Authority and Trust: When people are taking a loan with high interest, it is necessary that they are lending it from a trustworthy provider. So, in such case content for the “About Us” and “Contact Us” Page must provide detail information and it would be easy for the customer to contact the lender easily. Also, in the “About Us” Page, you must provide information about your staff, about the major stakeholders and more.

In another case, if you are giving advice on any surgery procedures, it’s necessary that you have the accurate information on that topic. Lengthy pages with informative content of 2000+ words are good enough to explain everything.

  1. Generate good and Positive Reviews: Now, another step to build trust among the customers is generating a consistent stream of positive reviews. Ask your previous customers to write reviews for your website and services and you could create good consistency of reviews from them.
  2. Generate good backlinks and also update your site pages with fresh new content. If possible, add new pages and interlink them where necessary. Outbound links are a very important part of SEO and maintaining the quality of any website to increase the website authority. So, it is necessary to link out to more authoritative sites, highly trusted domains and from an informational site.
  3. Optimize Metadata: It is always suggested to write the Title and Meta tag description in a simple and informative way. Aggressive Meta tag sometimes does not appeal towards the customers and ultimately you will lose your visitors. Writing a conservative yet trustworthy description can increase the Click-through rate of that page 10 to 20% y adding new visitors on your website. If possible try to avoid using words such as “today”, “right now”, “immediately” etc. and give emphasize on trust, verified reviews and star ratings.
  4. Mobile Optimization: Any website with bad Mobile user experience will be affected by Medic Update. Check out Google Search Console and another mobile test site of Google and if you find low traffic and marks, then you have to optimize your website and make it mobile-friendly.
  5. Design: If you want that people, who visit your website, should interact on your website, then make sure that the site has been structured in such a way so that it could be easily navigable, friendly fonts and colors, proper image and video quality and so on. Overall we can say an eye-catching designed website can be able to attract visitors towards their site and make them interact on it.

So, if you think your site has been hit by the Medic algorithm update, then take all the above points into consideration and optimize your website accordingly so that you can recover your website from Google Medic Update.


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