Google Increases Snippets Length in Search Results

Google Increases Snippets Length in Search Results

Google has already officially confirmed that it has been changed the way and style of displaying snippets in its Search results. A snippet is mainly the description of the website or page which is shown below the URL of that website in the organic search result that will help the users to understand about the website and can able to relate to their search queries.

Google has recently changed its way of showing snippets in a more descriptive and longer way that could be useful for the people to better understand how pages are relevant to their search queries. These snippets are slighter longer and the length has been increased from 160 characters to almost 230 characters on an average.

So, SEO and webmasters are alert! Only updating Meta descriptions will not enough now to recommend Google to show it in their search results snippets. The snippets are mainly generated dynamically as per the user’s queries and most of the time content would be found in both Meta description and web page content. So, if Google likes to show a longer snippet, then it would definitely pick the content of the page not from Meta description. So, now, properly optimized content in website inner pages is much more necessary for all the website owners to be in the Google organic search results.

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