Google Search Console Beta Version May be Rolling Out

Google Search Console Beta Version May be Rolling Out

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Google has fully released the new beta version for its entire Google Search Console users who have verified access to the normal Google Search Console, even also for those who did not yet get any notification from Google side.  Couple Weeks ago, Google said that it was rolling out step by step for its users but now it is out for all.

You can find out the details here and login with your verified access. Click on the top right corner where it says “Search Properties” as per the below image and you can see all your verified sites with that account here in the new beta.

Beta Search Console

However, you can still able to access your old as well as current Google Search Console with a link at the bottom left of the interface. Google is still now planning to input more features from the old version to its new version and trying to improve its current features while adding the new one.

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