Instagram is Improving and let you follow hashtags soon

Instagram is Improving and let you follow hashtags soon

Instagram is testing and trying to utilize a new feature through some small fraction of its users. Not all the users are getting this feature on their Instagram accounts still yet. As spotted by some users, they are now able to search for a hash tag and follow this tag accordingly.

We all know that Instagram is carefully curate community with the latest algorithmic feed, weird accounts, funny posts and niche contents that seems to be relocated to the very bottom of your account feed.

It seems that Instagram is now going to promote its posts to generate more engagement through baby photos, outrages things and many more. In short we can say that Instagram is now making and modifying itself as a tiny Facebook so that more and more people will create account on it and can engage themselves with this. May be this would not be the solution of all but suppose you are the fan of something which related to brand or recipes or any other thing like @TheMasalaRoute but don’t see those photos anymore but now you might be able to follow the #TheMasalaRoute hashtag.

However, it is very much confirmed that Instagram would not drastically change everything on your feed. This service will be applicable first in some popular and recent posts and gradually you will be able to follow the things as per your interest and not your social graph.

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