Within One Year AMP Is Growing Faster Then Responsive Design

Within One Year AMP Is Growing Faster Then Responsive Design

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Within One Year AMP Is Growing Faster And Trying To Trump Responsive Design

Google Search console is celebrating 1 year successful running of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on its first birthday and offering a roundup of milestones and success metrics. According to Search Engine Land, at present, there are now 600 million AMP Pages on 700,000 domains that means AMP is running very well and the AMP publishers are also seeing more repeat traffic as well as better engagement of mobile visitors to their websites.

Last month Google rolled out Amp in mobile search results. According to them AMP is not a ranking factor but yes, it would show links to AMP enables pages of the website vs. any other version of the same page.

Over the past several years, Google is trying to convince developers and designers to adopt the responsive design so that they can improve the mobile user experience on their site. Responsive design and AMP are not mutually exclusive but according to research AMP pages load faster than any responsive designed website/pages.

So, all in all we can say that AMP is taking the core initiative to improve the mobile user experience. AMP is an open source and adopted by various companies throughout the world and thus, Google can see its vital role and importance of getting success in near future.

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